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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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As Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao vehicle licence (Dual-plate) can drive to Guangdong Province via the designated control ports, such as: Huanggang, Shenzhen Bay, Sha Tau Kok, Hong Kong-Zuhai-Macao Bridge, Hengqin/ Zhuhai Gongbei and Liantang.

With the economic and cultural changes rapidly in recent years, it influences the social dynamic among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau areas, as well as the frequent transportation needs, that’s why the cross-boundary vehicle licences are in high demand. However, the complicated self-application process, high maintenance fee, it makes the cross-boundary vehicle licence more superior for the owners as well as a symbol of successful business investment.

All the cross-boundary vehicle licence application is based on the National Law and follows all the transportation policies in legal channels. We provide sincere service with a good management.

Cross-boundary vehicle licence is the asset of the company/ organization, for example, if you rent the Guangdong-Hong Kong vehicle licence for 6 years and can enjoy ONE dollar as acquisitions. Since the ownership of company/ organization is transferred legally, the operation is totally legitimately.

All Hong Kong residents, Macau residents and Mainlanders are eligible to apply and own the cross-boundary vehicle licence, just provide the valid proof of identity, the proof of the address, the valid driving licence and the vehicle registration document.

NO! Only the representative of National People’s Congress, and the representative of Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference, others can only apply in the name of a corporation.

YES! There is a limited quota on cross-boundary vehicle licence, first come first served.

The registered driver of the cross-boundary vehicle licence should drive the vehicle across the designated control ports. After the vehicle clearance, it is possible to arrange another driver.

Around HKD$10,000. The cost to maintain a cross-boundary driving licence is relatively low, besides the auto insurance and maintenance fee. About the fee, it mainly spends on the company secretary services, the agency management fee in the mainland. Since our cross-boundary vehicle licences are from former system that is no tax requirement annually, the owner does not need to pay tax for vehicle licence renewal.

NO! Basically the mainlander or non-permanent Hong Kong residents CANNOT drive the vehicle with cross-boundary vehicle licence for custom clearance, if any needed, please contact YOU CAN representative.

According to the regulations from Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department (GDPSD), cross-boundary vehicle licence should be cover whole Guangdong Province that means the driver of cross-boundary vehicles can access the provinces in Guangdong. However, there are no clearance points/ boarders among different provinces in the Mainland, it means no drawbacks while the driver uses the cross- boarder vehicle licence.

It can be used in long term with continuous renewal and, and will not have any concerns under the normal circumstance.

NO! According to the existing policies, the cross-boundary vehicle licence from former system does not required to pay the tax in order to renew the permit.

There are 2 different issues about fulfill the requirement and complete the application. If the renewal quotas are limited while the applications excessed, then your self-application cannot be completed.

Refer to the cross-boundary vehicle licence policy, if the designated control port had been closed, then the vehicle can access Huanggang Port.

YES! First, you have to cancel the registration of unwanted one, and register a new vehicle. YOU CAN can do this process for you in one-stop.

According to cross-boundary vehicle licence policy, the vehicle can register 3 drivers as maximum. Only these 3 registered drivers can drive the cross-boundary vehicle. Once the vehicle passed the custom clearance, any drivers with valid driving licence can drive that vehicle with cross-boundary vehicle licence.

Huanggang: 24 hours

Shenzhen Bay: 06:00 – 00:00

Man Kam To Control Point: 07:00 – 22:00

Sha Tau Kok: 06:30 – 22:30

*Please note that roads leading from Hong Kong to the Shenzhen Bay Port will be closed about 30 minutes before the Port ceases operation.

YES! For mainland vehicle uses FV vehicle plate; Hong Kong vehicle uses Z; Macao uses Z as well. However, all FV vehicle licence application suspended, existing ones are still in the market. We suggest applying Guangdong-Hong Kong one (Z vehicle plate), and it benefits vehicle purchase in Hong Kong.

From company registration, qualification review, documents preparation and submit the application until the official approval by Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department (GDPSD), it is a long and complicated process that involves over 10 governmental departments, therefore, the user would like to rent or purchase the cross-boundary vehicle licence rather that doing the self-application.

No matter whom from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to apply the cross-boundary vehicle licence, the investment and tax amount should reach certain level. For example, the applicant needs to fulfill 3 requirements with fifty millions in former system. Now, the applicant has the foreign company/organization in Guangdong area and pay the tax three hundred thousand dollars.

Due to the custom clearance regulations, the cross-boundary vehicle licence owners and registered drivers must be Hong Kong or Macao residents. If the applicant is from Mainland, it is suggested he/she to find a Hong Kong or Macao resident be the main registered driver.

Normally, the self-application takes 1-3 years on cross-boundary vehicle licence application. From company registration, qualification review, documents preparation and submit the application until the official approval by Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department (GDPSD), it is a long and complicated process that involves over 10 governmental departments. After completion, there is renewal and maintenance process on the cross-boundary vehicle licence. Therefore, it is very complicated and that’s why there are many cross-boundary vehicle licence agencies in the market.

With the complimentary foreign company/ organization from cross-boundary vehicle licence application, the succeed applicant can purchase the vehicle in the name of the specific company/organization in Hong Kong.

For the cross-boundary vehicle licence that accesses Shenzhen Bay Control Port is worth 1.3 million or above, and it is more costly for those access Huanggang Control Port.

For all new cross-boundary vehicle licence application, mostly are Shenzhen Bay Control Port and Sha Tau Kok Control Port. (Last updated: 1st August 2015)

Absolutely YES! We can assist your foreign-owned company/ organization to reach the standard about the capitals requirement and the business development to fulfill the taxation policies. Afterwards, the application will be submitted in the next year.

For all new applications, there are 5 random numbers generated by Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department (GDPSD) when do the submission, and you can choose one.

When doing the cross-boundary vehicle licence application, it needs a foreign-owned company/ organization in the Mainland and fulfills the investment amount to be the registration company in the application. Once it completed, any drivers or vehicles changes and also the renewal of vehicle licence do not need the details of the registered foreign company/ organization in the Mainland. Therefore, the existence of the registered foreign-owned company/ organization is not important. We do suggest to apply through YOU CAN would lower the risk.

The most qualified applications for cross-boundary vehicle licence are in the name of foreign-owned company/ organization that established in the Mainland, and this foreign-owned company means the coordinated company/ organization in the Mainland.

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